About us

Caritas Czech Republic (CCR) is a non-profit organization that operates abroad, in the context of humanitarian aid and development cooperation. It is a respected member of the international network Caritas Internationalis. Its foreign activities focus on the health and social sectors and also on developing livelihood for the local population and education of children and adults.
Caritas Czech Republic has been working in Moldova since 2004, when it launched its first development project in the country. Since then it has dedicated its work particularly to home care, health care, civil society development, agriculture, livelihoods support and inclusive social development and seeks to expand also in other sectors.
In 2017, CCR established a mission in Chisinau and later that year, its exclusive partner - Pro-Development, was registered. The strategic objectives of the organization are in line with the CCR’s program for Moldova and are focused on the next priorities intervention sectors: home care sector, inclusive social development, health system.