Financial contributions aren't all that help the Caritas Czech Republic bring aid to those at home and abroad who need support, help, hope and solidarity in moments of need or other times of hardship. Anyone can get involved in the many different ways listed below.

Financial contributions and gifts continue to rank among the most frequent forms of involvement in the activities of the Caritas Czech Republic, which would be unable to provide the wide range of services or operate in so many countries around the world without sufficient financing. Quite simply, there is always the need to pay employees, keep the lights on, maintain facilities, or purchase health care supplies. At the moment you can contribute to any of the activities below by sending funds to one of our accounts at Česká Spořitelna:

Aid in the Czech Republic
account no. 44665522/0800
variable symbol depends on chosen mission

International Aid
account no. 55660022/0800 
variable symbol depends on chosen country

Three Kings Collectioan 
(in Czech)
account no. 66008822/0800 
variable symbol 777

It is also possible to contribute to the development of the Caritas Czech Republic organisation to account no. 88444422/0800 with variable symbol 900.
You can also support the Caritas Czech Republic with an online donation to support aid in the Czech Republic or abroad, or by sending a donation text message differentiating between Czech or international activities.
If you have any other idea how to support us or if you just have a question to ask, don't hesitate to contact us -

Our heartfelt thanks for your help and support!