A former pharmacy in Grigoriopol, Moldova, became a warm and welcoming medical-social centre
September 5, 2022 News

A former pharmacy in Grigoriopol, Moldova, became a warm and welcoming medical-social centre

According to the latest statistics, since 1991, 1.5 million of Moldova's population of about 4 million have emigrated. Moldova still continue to lose 45,000 citizens per year, most of them being economically active young people who is seeking stability and opportunities to build their future. As a result, people dependent of others care, most of them affected by poverty, are left alone, with no access to health and social care.

For several years, Caritas Czech Republic has been focusing on improving access and quality of services in this area by opening several home care centres across the country. One of it is “Zabota” from Grigoriopol.

“Zabota” centre - a warm and welcome space for elderly people

First impressions always count. This was the case when we visited the medical and social centre in Grigoriopol - “Zabota”. Located in the administrative centre of the city, the building stands out immediately - it is neat, has a European design and is distinct from the city's architecture. 

”Zabota” centre from Grigoriopol

As soon as we entered in Zabota  centre, we felt the kindness of the staff, who were already waiting for us to offer us a tour of the building. There was a warm and welcoming atmosphere everywhere, far from the sobriety of a hospital - the offices for procedures, technical and even medical rooms induce a feeling of relaxation.

It wasn't long before Claudia – an elderly woman - appeared. "Every day, on my way to school, I would pass by. The building, formerly a pharmacy, was under repair. Every time I wondered what was going to be here. The day came when I stepped over its threshold and I was astonished - it was nothing like the ambience of a Soviet-era pharmacy, it looked fantastic."

“Zabota” means care

Zabota is translating as care. It is hard to find another better word to describe the medical and social centre from Grigoriopol.

Recently, Claudia underwent a surgery and had to seek treatment to recover her health. She received a referral from the polyclinic to undergo a course of treatment at the medical-social centre “Zabota” .

Zabota is translating as care from Russian

She has already been receiving treatment  and benefit from rehabilitation procedures for two weeks and is very satisfied with it: "The staff here is great and they take into account that we need not only treatment and care, but also psychological support. Thank you very much for the chance to receive the treatment here."

The centre is equipped with all the technical and medical equipment needed to provide medical and social care both in the building and at home. 

”Zabota” centre brings tears of joy

We also went to the home of Galina, a retired person who lives alone, if do not count her 2 puppies and 2 kittens who keep her company. Every time "the girls from the “Zabota” centre come to visit her, she has tears of joy in her eyes. In those moments she feels that she is not alone in the world. 

Galina can now walk without a cane

The care services have started to pay off - Galina can now walk without a cane. "You're great,” says Galina through tears. ”I don't know what I would do without you. The caregivers wash, clean and cook for me. They help me with every request. I feel like a family with them."

The medical-social centre in Grigoriopol, “Zabota” was opened in November 2021 and so far more that 220 people have received medical, social and psychological support from its employees.

”I feel like a family with them” says Galina through tears

The centre has been opened grace to financial support provided by the German International Cooperation Agency within the project “Improvement of medico-social care services for people with long-term care needs on both sides of Dniester river” funded by the European Union and co-financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany, under the general EU Confidence Building Measures Programme V (CBM V) - Health sector modernization. The implementation of the Project is ensured by a consortium of the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the Czech Development Agency (CzDA).

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