Caritas Czech Republic supports the modernization of waste management in Criuleni city
September 7, 2021 News

Caritas Czech Republic supports the modernization of waste management in Criuleni city

Caritas Czech Republic and Caritas Slovakia is partnering with SlovakAid to build a functional and sustainable waste management system in Criuleni city, which will improve current waste collection services and provide a better access to them for almost 10.000 citizens.

The 12-month intervention will strengthen local efforts in creating an efficient waste management infrastructure and culture in Criuleni city and 2 adjacent villages (Ohrincea and Zolonceni). We will develop a local waste management strategy together with an action plan and implement them to give structure, direction and necessary resources for change in the city. Caritas Czech Republic will also purchase waste sorting and collection equipment that will improve the current local waste system and ensure better services for all the people living in the area.

Better waste collection services for citizens of Criuleni

Modernized and better organized waste collection services are the main focus of the project. For that, through interactive workshops and trainings, waste management professionals and citizens of Criuleni will learn about modern sustainable solutions in the area, re-use and recycling opportunities, composting and environment protection.

Local active citizens and civil society will play a central role in promoting the 3Rs principles and will be involved in project implementation, community mobilization being one of the main outcomes of the project. And to engage the young generation, Caritas Czech Republic will carry out a summer camp to promote the importance of preserving and protecting the environment. Throughout the project, Slovak know-how and best waste recycling and biodegradable waste practices will be embedded with local existing system.

Empowering local active citizens in protecting the environment


To start off the activities, Vasile Vasiliev, Caritas Czech Republic's Head of Mission in Moldova met with the mayor of Criuleni to discuss the activities to be started soon and both agreed on the importance of this project for the almost 10.000 inhabitants of Criuleni city. In the following month a baseline assessment will provide a general overview of the already existing waste management system, waste collection and transport, waste treatment and disposal, waste generation and expenditures and an analysis of institutional capacities at the local level.

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