What we do


Priorities of CCR country programme in Moldova are based on the existing and predicted needs.


Civil Society Development

Community development is a long-term process of helping the community to strengthen the capacity to work collectively, which determines the mobilization, participation and involvement of the local population in common issues identified and prioritized by them by implementing various activities and projects, which reflect one of the major goals of the CCR.


Inclusive Social Development

Throughout the years of its existence, CCR has built sufficient capacity to implement complex multi-sectoral projects. Those incorporate a wide range of stakeholders and beneficiaries, and therefore demand distinguished cooperation, operational and executive competencies. Presence in the country allows CCR to meet such demand and conduct a project which aims at contributing to improving education social integration of children from disadvantaged families and children from boarding schools by developing skills in the Creative workshops for children.


Primary Healthcare Support

CCR deems the provision of adequate access to healthcare services  as one of the key priorities. During its presence in Moldova, the organization has implemented a number of projects to improve beneficiaries’ conditions in this domain. Those mainly aimed at building Primary Health Care centres, providing medical supplies, installation of equipment and raising the capacity of health personnel.